Ellis Hickman Rice Memorial Masonic Scholarship Committee

Graduating Seniors,

Welcome to the Ellis Hickman Rice Memorial Masonic Scholarship Information page. Our congratulations to the seniors who will be graduating in a few short months and are heading off to continue their education at a college or university of your choice.

We are pleased to  offer three (3) One Thousand dollar ($1,000.00) to seniors who will graduate from a high schools within the boundaries of 30th District plus the Cuyama Valley High school.

The winners of this year’s scholarships will be selected by the Committee made up of members of the Hesperian Masonic Lodge #264. They will be chosen from the information contained within their Application, Their GPA from their High School, An evaluation of the three (3) personal references submitted on behalf of the applicant and, the content of their original essay submitted as a part of the application package.The Topic of this year’s essay is “Is our Election process fair?”  This essay should be a minimum of 225 and a maximum of 275 in length.

Again this year, we have put all the information required on our website. You may find our website at www.masonicfamilycenter.com . Once you are on the site, please click the Icon for “Scholarships”. The Application, Essay and the Personal Recommendation(s) can be completed and submitted from this website. There is a page of instruction for you to complete and print out to submit to the appropriate party at your High School to request they forward, via email, a copy of your transcripts to establish your GPA. There is also a letter of instruction on how to enter the website and where to look for the instructions and the form.

The deadline for applications this year is March 29, 2018.   We would suggest you select the persons who you wish to submit a recommendation on your behalf as quickly as possible. This tends to be one of the slower bits of information to get back. Your diligent follow up would also be a recommended. The selection committee can only award points to application on the information we receive.

The Deadline for submission of all pieces of your Application package is Midnight of March 29, 2018.

To recap, a completed application package consists of:

1. Completed Application.

2. Transcripts from your high school to establish your cumulative GPA (submitted directly from the school via email to scholarship@masonicfamilycenter.com.

3. The three (3) Personal Recommendations for your behalf submitted via our website. We suggest you contact your recommender’s as soon as possible as it can take them awhile before they find time to complete the form online.

4. Your Essay.  This to be completed online and you may copy and paste from your favorite word processor into our form online.

The three students selected to receive scholarship awards will be asked to sign their applications before a member of the committee as a condition of the award being finalized.
Should you have any questions on this process, please feel free to call us at 805 937-0655 or send an email to  scholarship@masonicfamilycenter.com
Good Luck, we wish you well and look forward to your submission.


Bruce Carmitchel, P.M.

Edward Hawes, P. M.